Interventions In Obstetrics

At Alnoor Diagnostic Centre, following obstetrical interventional procedures are performed under Ultrasound guidance,

  • Chorionic Villous sampling ( CVS)

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a prenatal test performed in earlypregnancy (10-13 weeks) that is used to detect birth defects, genetic diseases, and other problems during pregnancy. During the test, a small sample of cells (called chorionic villi) is taken from the placenta where it attaches to the wall of the uterus.

  • Amniocentesis

Amniocentesis detects chromosome abnormalities, neural tube defects, and genetic disorders. … Genetic disorders include disorders such as cystic fibrosis. The most common neural tube defect is spina bifida

  • Ectopic pregnancy Medical management

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg attaches itself in a place other than the uterus. Unruptured live ectopic pregnancies of many types are successfully managed without surgical intervention through Ultrasound-guided local injection of KCl or Methotrexate.

  • Selective Fetocide

It is indicated in a multiple pregnancy, in which one foetus presents with anomalies incompatible with life, the procedure reduces the risk to mother health and improves the outcome on the remaining foetus.

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