Special Chemistry or Immunochemistry Department of Alnoor Diagnostic Centre provides an extensive range of test selections which includes Infectious Diseases, Fertility/Hormones, Cardiac Markers, Thyroid Function, Tumor Markers, Bone Markers, Anemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Maternal Care etc. to a variety of healthcare professionals.Our specialized team paired with the automated bidirectional interfacing assures result accuracy and reliability, along with a low turnaround time.

By employing bidirectional interfacing to minimize human handling, we have successfully reduced the chances of error in the results. As soon as the patient is registered at the laboratory reception, a unique bar code is generated with specific details of the patientand requested analytes. Followed by this, barcodes are then pasted on specific tubes in which the samples of the patient are collected according to the specified guidelines. These patient specific barcodes on the tubes help to track the sample at any stage and to perform analyses of requested tests with minimal chances of test misplacement, sample mixing or wrong test processing

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