Radiology Services

Clinical Imaging (Radiology) Services at ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre. ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre (ANDC) brings you a wide array of clinical services with ultimate precision and credibility. We believe in bringing advancement and innovation to the medical and healthcare industry of Pakistan. Our radiology services are also designed with the concept of delivering premium quality services to the patients, medical staff, and general public. The focus on achieving accuracy and transparency in laboratory testing makes us stand apart from other diagnostic centers.

What is clinical imaging – Radiology?

Clinical imaging is a part of the healthcare field that allows professionals to draw different images of the body parts to help in diagnosing or treating a disease or finding its cause. It is also known as Radiology. Professionals carry non-invasive procedures in radiology that help them find the root cause of a disease without hurting or injuring the patient. ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre is pioneering the delivery of the latest technology-equipped lab services in Lahore. The field of diagnosis is the foremost procedure. It should be accurate, timely, and reliable because the entire treatment depends upon it. Identification of disease at an earlier stage is only possible if the diagnosis is performed by authentic and credible laboratories. Our purpose-built lab is powered by the latest and innovative imaging and scanning machines, which are operated by our skilled and certified technicians. The team of technicians is supervised by professional clinical radiologists to ensure the quality of our services meets the highest standards.

Our Radiology services include:


We conduct all the X-rays that you may need for regular checkups. It starts with bone or chest X-rays and leads to advanced imaging studies such as skeletal survey, sonogram, fistulogram, small bowel tests, IVP, etc.

CT Scan:

It is a Computer Tomography scan that intends to find serious injuries and diseases like cancer, infections, trauma, appendicitis, cardiovascular diseases, skeletal disorders, etc. it is useful in scanning a body part from multiple and cross dimensions.


ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre specializes in MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is performed by creating images with the help of a strong magnetic field. You get detailed images of a body organ.

Ultrasound – Sonography:

We have certified fellows for carrying different types of ultrasounds in our radiology services. Our expertise includes sonography of pelvis, abdomen, renal, antenatal, thyroid, and neck.

Why ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre?

ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre is certified by Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority to carry radiology services. Our adherence to quality standards has helped us earn a reputable name among lab services in Lahore. We are pleased to have a team of professional radiologists that include qualified doctors, well- trained technicians, and caring staff. They are duly trained in the studies of clinical imaging and diagnostic services. They have outstanding profiles in healthcare services. We have a full-service diagnosis clinic. Come over to be served by healthcare professionals who consider their delivering radiology services with extensive care rather than just a job. Please don’t hesitate to call us and enquire about any general or specific lab testing service.

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