Interventions in Gynae

Keeping in mind the physical well-being of women of all ages, ALNOOR provides Transvaginal / Transabdominal ultrasound, which aids in identifying the presence of the cyst by directly visualizing its location within the ovary. Next, a needle is advanced (through a needle guide fitted onto the vaginal ultrasound probe) in a single motion through the vaginal wall (thin, elastic tissue), directly into the centre of the ovarian cyst. The cyst contents are then aspirated and the cyst collapses immediately. The evacuated cyst fluid can be sent for cytological evaluation (to rule out malignant cells). The entire procedure typically does not exceed 10-15 minutes. Patients may feel a slight internal “pinch” when the needle is advanced, and slight cramping for 15-30 minutes following the procedure. They can resume normal daily activities almost immediately following cyst aspiration.

The procedures are performed at ALNOOR on a daily basis include:

  1. Ovarian Cyst Aspiration
  2. Endometriotic cyst Aspiration
  3. Hysterosalpingiography / Sonohysterosalpingiography
  4. Aspiration of pus in Pelvic Inflammatory disease
  5. Hydrosonography for Polyp
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