Lab Services

Clinical laboratory is an integral part of any Diagnostic Service. Laboratory tests make use of the specimen like sample of blood urine and other body fluids and by testing these samples we can detect various microbes and chemical composition values by which we can detect the presence of a disease. We at ALNOOR offer best diagnostic services of reputed standard under proper SOPs. At ALNOOR we are aware of the impact and importance of diagnostic laboratory services on people’s health. In line with our values, we use latest internationally-recognized diagnostic methods of today for clinical services. Equipped with latest technology ALNOOR offers a good range of laboratory tests under one roof. Our professionals are highly trained and are experts in their respective fields. These professionals are equipped with up-to date knowledge according to standards. Our lab services include Hematology, Histopathology, Immunochemistry, Microbiology, Routine chemistry, Special and Molecular (PCR) pathology.

Lab Services of ALNOOR