Pelvic Floor Imaging

With the advancement in technology and awareness, it has become necessary to employ evolving techniques for better therapeutic results. ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre has been the first institute in Pakistan to introduce Pelvic Floor Imaging technique since 2010. Due to the increased cases of pelvic floor dysfunctions, introduction of Pelvic Floor Imaging technique can do wonders by providing more specialized imaging of the pelvic area.

Followed by this, ALNOOR is actively conducting 3D trans-anal ultrasound for the following conditions:

  1. Diagnosis of Fistula in Ano
  2. Early diagnosis & staging of CA Rectum
  3. Prolapse uterus and rectum
  4. Accurate diagnosis of Anal Sphincter trauma
  5. Bi-plane prostate biopsy.
Pelvic Floor Imaging