Microbial susceptibility testing is done via microscopy on a wide spectrum of specimens; CSF for bacteria, faeus for parasites, and urine for cells and crystals. Bacteriology, serology, mycology and parasitology are done for all types of specimen.


Using bacteria culture approach through collection of specimen from blood, urine or skin or any part of the body where infection is suspected. Culture is done in controlled environment conducive to cell growth. The test results may depend upon the type of bacteria suspected and the time taken for growth of bacteria.  This include sputum, blood, throat, stool, urine and even wound culture to.


Serology is done to view the antibodies formed in the blood due to presence of pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasites. Serology is also very important tool to test Covid 19 antibodies. This is an indirect way to know whether someone has been affected in the past by the disease.  ALNOOR has ELISA, (Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay), GICA and CLIA methods.


Mycology is done to detect fungus. The specie of fungus is also detected using this test which is helpful in suggesting diagnosis of different type of diseases.