Haematology is basic tool for diagnosis and treatment. Our professionals use research in latest methods through consultative process of sampling   of blood, bone marrow and other body fluids.

Routine, special and coagulation analyses are done using standardized procedures for accuracy and precision. Complete blood count with 5 part differential, routine and special coagulation parameters are done, with specialized instruments at ANDC. Blood films and bone marrow samples are processed with professional care and expertise. Flow cytometry testing for advanced and differential diagnosis of benign VS malignant using latest equipment and expert technologists, is also a forte of ALNOOR Diagnostic Centre.


Compete Blood Count is the key to diagnosis. We have a team of professionals who work according to set health standards advised by ISO and PHC approved SOPs, to providing accurate results which can be visualized online and can be printed. For each blood test we use internationally recognized methods. Important parameters of CBC are HB, Platelets Count and WBC.


Hemoglobin tested as part of a complete blood count during a routine medical examination to monitor your general health and to screen for a variety of disorders, such as types of anemia.

Platelets Count

Platelets Count is essential for diagnosis of bleeding diatheses. Pakistan has been hit by Dengue fever in 2011 which highlighted importance of platelets Count for earliest reporting.

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