Nutrition Services

Latest service on the card. Alnoor has hired the services of expert nutritionists. We are able to guide the patients as well has healthy people on their lifestyle and necessary changes to avoid certain diseases whose onslaught seems imminent keeping in view the genetics of the patient. We have a process to assess patients of diabetes, hypertension and obesity in terms of their genetics, environment, and personal activity level, and diet and have designed customized solutions for every individual to minimize the effect of these adverse health conditions.

It sounds basic, but improving your diet can make a world of difference in terms of battling stress in the workplace. Make sure you load up your plate with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. That includes fish, spinach, nuts, and other healthy fats. On that note, be sure you’re getting plenty of sleep – when you’re tired, you’re more likely to give in to the temptations of junk food.

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