Clinical Biochemistry

Alnoor has capability to conduct tests for a range of specimens through microscopy, routine chemistry, and molecular pathology. Microscopy is done to analyse urine and blood for bacteria and other parasites. Routine chemistry chemical study of different body fluids. Genotyping and real time PCR is also done at Alnoor


Microbial susceptibility testing is done via microscopy on a wide spectrum of specimens; CSF for bacteria, feces for parasites, and urine for cells and crystals. Bacteriology, serology, mycology and parasitology are done for all types of specimen.

Routine Chemistry

The Routine Clinical Chemistry for blood and other body fluids for health status of patients. We conduct tests Enzymes, Substrates, Electrolytes, Proteins, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Drugs of Abuse etc. Latest international technology coupled with digital bidirectional interfacepromises accurate, reliable and timely results for analysis of Serum, Plasma, Urine, Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and other body fluids.

Molecular Pathology

Molecular Pathology Department of Alnoor Diagnostic Centre with digitalized system of specimen processing and with IVD approved instruments conducts genotyping and real time PCR for detection of various viral infections.

Tumor Markers

At Alnoor we test Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA), Prostate Acid Phosphate (PAP), CA125, Carcino Ambrionic Antigen etc. to assess tumor markers in prostate and other areas.

3d/4d ultrasound

Laboratory Testing Benifits

When comparing a real life shipment test as an alternative to laboratory package testing, there are various important benefits associated with running laboratory simulation

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