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Pakistan is in the third grip of Covid-19 and the daily count is rising. Punjab is worst hit this time. The spread of disease is less in other provinces. The larger cities are more prone to be hit by this disease. Since the onset of the Covid-19 medical community has been persuading the people to follow SOPs which include wearing a mask in public, keeping safe distance and washing hands for 20 seconds frequently. Still the humanity is struggling to find out the exact channel of communication. That is why preventive measures are safe to adopt. In view of the pandemic model, there are three players in the spread of an epidemic. These are first victim, the carrier and second victim. Since the elderly people are more prone to catch the disease, countries have started vaccinating them first. Younger people have fewer chances of severe infection. However, they may act as carrier of disease to the older people. Hence, the only solution left is to keep social distance. Third wave is gripping, crippling and debilitating Pakistan, the severity of the disease has manifested itself in rising numbers of Covid-19 infected patients. Once again lockdown has been introduced; the schools, the colleges, the restaurants, the public places, and the working places have come under a halt. Since the initial smart lockdown strategy did not work, the complete lockdown strategy was adopted. Government efforts send a message to the masses to stay on guard.

Pakistan \government has started \ sinopharm and \ astrazeneca vaccination. People should cooperate with government so that this deadly disease may be overcome. WHO has listed Pfizer vaccine BNT 162b2 and Astra Zeneca by Serum Institute of India and SKBio. Besides these two vaccines, there are Chinese vaccines too. Chinese vaccines include Sinopharm, 4Sinovac and Coronavac. Sinopharm is double jab vaccine which is administered two times with a gap of 15 days. The vaccine’s first jab kick starts immunity. The second booster ensures the immunity. Russia has developed Sputnik V. US has also developed Moderna vaccine. The people who have heart conditions and diabetes are required to take extra precaution. We hope that these vaccines would be able to cope with the disease and the world will soon overcome this deadly pandemic.

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